Hertz HCP 5D wins the EISA award

The Hertz HCP 5D amplifier wins the title of “EUROPEAN IN-CAR AMPLIFIER 2013-2014”.
Reaching its 30th edition, the prestigious award has been acknowledged by EISA, European Imaging and Sound Association.
The EISA experts already expressed their appreciation for the Elettromedia projects throughout the years with regards to the In-Car Electronics category, awarding several of its products, the latest being the Audison AV 10 subwoofer with the 2012-2013 EISA Award.

Power, compact sizes and competitiveness: these are the goals upon which the HCP project has been based, as the product line name itself suggests, Hertz Compact Power, and the EISA jury confirmed them in the award citation. The HCP 5D amplifier is the D Class five-channel model within the product line.
The panel of the EISA experts who assigned the EISA Award to HCP 5D motivated their choice as follows:
«HCP stands for Hertz Compact Power, which is exactly what this tiny performer delivers. The 5D suffix indicates the number of channels and explains how so much performance can be crammed into such a small chassis. The five class D channels deliver the performance of equivalent conventional AB amps but at a fraction of the size and with very low heat dissipation. Configuration flexibility is guaranteed by the highly versatile filter design, allowing fine-tuning for complex installations from the classic Front-Rear to more sophisticated Bi-Amping applications. The Hertz HCP 5D is well suited to the upgrade of factory systems, accepting high-level speaker inputs and featuring an auto turn-on function. Hertz delivers all of this from a package the size of a box of chocolates.»

EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) is an association representing 50 specialised magazines from 20 European countries and assigning year by year prestigious awards for different categories.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place in Berlin on September 6th; notable personalities and experts coming from al lover the world will attend it, including a delegation from Elettromedia.
All the photos of this event will be published on the Elettromedia Photo Gallery.

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